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    Dugway Proving Ground, UT - Hospital

    The nearest hospital to Dugway Proving Ground is the United States Air Force Hospital which is a 30 bed facility offering emergency medical care but is located approximately 100 miles away from the base. The U.S. Army Dugway Health Clinic also offers emergency care on a 24-hour, on-call basis. No pharmacy services or dental service is offered at the Dugway Health Clinic. The city of Tooele is approximately 40 miles away and offers dentists and orthodontists. Military personnel may use their Prime Remote Medical Coverage to seek medical assistance throughout the Salt Lake Area.

    USAF Hospital at Hill AFB in Ogden


    The normal Clinic Business Hours are from 0700 to 1730 Local Time Monday through Thursday.

    MILITARY SICK CALL: Hours are 0800 to 0900, Monday through Thursday: Report at 0745. (No Sick Call Friday through Sunday, or Holidays.)


    The Clinic responds to emergencies at all times -- DIAL 911, or 2211. After hours and weekends, services may be limited only to ambulance transport to the nearest medical facility.

    During the work week the aid station in the Ditto Test Area also is staffed. This is available only to employees working in the West Desert Test area. Other injuries/illnesses should report to the Health Clinic in English Village.


    The Clinic is open to Military, Active and Retired. Family members may be seen on a space available basis - - currently, children can not be seen.

    Active Duty Personnel stationed at DPG are eligible for Tricare Prime Remote, and should establish routine medical care with a Tricare-approved practitioner in the region.

    DA Civilians are treated for Occupational Health issues and emergencies only. Routine care is not presently provided.

    TDY Civilians need to have travel orders and proof of insurance or must pay at time of service. On-the-job-injuries will be handled through workman's compensation.


    The nearest 24x7 full-service Hospital is in Tooele, Utah. It is 45 miles northeast of Dugway Proving Ground, off of State Route (SR) 36. Multiple care providers including pediatrics are in this area, and in neighboring Salt Lake County.

    The next nearest full-service Military Clinic is the Air Force 75th Medical Detachment Group at Hill Air Force Base in Ogden, Utah, about 110 miles from Dugway.

    The nearest Army Hospital is Evans U.S. Army Hospital at Fort Carson, Colorado Springs, CO. Estimated Distance: 700 miles.