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    Dugway Proving Ground, UT - Arrival

    Getting Here

    Dugway Proving Ground is located approximately 80 miles from Salt Lake City, Utah in Tooele County. Upon arrival, the nearest airport to Dugway Proving Grounds is the Salt Lake City International Airport which is located approximately 4 miles from the downtown area. If traveling by bus, the UTA bus routes will bring visitors from the airport directly to the post. If arriving by vehicle, take Interstate 80 westbound. Depending on the direction, you are traveling; you will merge onto Route 196 via Exit 77, or Route 36 from Exit 99. Continue through the surrounding communities for about 40 miles to the main gate of Dugway Proving Ground. Temporary lodging facilities for those traveling with their families are provided on Dugway Proving Grounds at the Desert Lodge. Call 435-831-6500 for more information or for advance reservations.